Our Mission

With over 50 years of assisting businesses and individuals obtain the insurance products that suit their needs, we, at the Chapman Group, are one of the few Louisiana based companies that can attest to offering these services combined with valuable years of experience and expertise. In addition to the advantage that years of experience in the insurance industry has provided, our excellent relationships with most insurance carriers allow us to secure you high quality insurance solutions at the most cost effective approach possible. We pride ourselves in handling your business the right way, as we are not only sales professionals, but your personal advisors in making the insurance decisions that will offer you the security you deserve.  Whether you are seeking individual coverage purchased through the Federal Exchange, or you are an employer that provides benefits to your employees, we can offer you the solutions that you are looking for.  In order for us to offer you the most comprehensive solutions possible, we are pleased to also provide payroll and human resource service with a personal touch.  These services are provided with the advantages that the latest technology has to offer.  Please contact us today to see how the Chapman Group can help you.



We are not a national company with a local sales force. We are a local company with your best interest at heart. We have been here many years and will continue to be here for many more. 


Bill Chapman

Email: bill@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

Vice President

Will Chapman

Email: will@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

VP of Business Develpoment

Brad Martin

Email: brad@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

Office Manager

Nele Trepp

Email: nele@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206


Dwayne Wilson

Email: dwayne@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206


Terry Tucker

Email: terry@lahealthinsurancestore.com Phone: 225-367-1800


Rachel Martin

Email: rachel@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206


Jeff Reinholtz

Email: jeff@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206


Michael Allen

Email: michael@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206


Desiree Stapp

Email: desiree@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

Account Executive

Kelly Elliott

Email: kelly@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

Account Executive

Robin Parent

Email: robin@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

Account Executive

Nicole Romano

Email: nicole@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

HR/Payroll Account Executive

Angelo Amos

Email: angelo@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206

HR/Payroll Account Executive

Lisa DeBosier

Email: lisa@chapmangroupinsurance.com Phone: 225-295-8206