Employee benefits are an integral factor in employee recruitment and retention. Our experts can guide you through the maze of options and provide you with a strategic plan to make sure you have the best coverage at the best possible price.

We work with many businesses, governmental entities and organizations in selecting the proper products to meet the needs of their employees, while always keeping in consideration the budgetary and cost effectiveness to the employer.

Our philosophy when offering employee benefits is what we call the 3 C’S

1. COST: The benefits offered must be both cost effective for the employer and the employee. We have many years experience in finding creative solutions through our extensive market knowledge. We know how to find savings that others are not ware exist.

2. COMPLIANCE: There are many requirements an employer must follow in order to avoid penalties when offering insurance to employees. The Affordable Care Act drastically increased these requirements.

3. COMMUNICATION: Without fully communicating the benefits to employees you may create a culture of confusion and frustration. This can have a potential negative effect on employee morale in regards to what you are offering. Our job is to make sure the employees understand the benefits and are aware of the fact they are a benefit from their employer. We can do this through fa to face meetings with your employees, group meetings or through our online enrollment system that is integrated fully into all carrier enrollment platforms and into our payroll system.

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